Omega Options has the new and improved binary social trading options, bringing new traders a community of successful traders that new binary options traders can mimic and copy in real time. Here is a screenshot of how it works:


Mimic the Profiting Trader – Omega Options Social Trading Review

When you click on the “follow” button you get the chance to mimic and trade alongside the profiting Omega Options binary trader in real time. This does not guarantee that you will make a profit on each trade but as you can see the trader that you will be copying has a set amount of copiers and profit percentage. this means that you can choose if you want to mimic a trader with higher profit and a large amount of copiers in order to maximize your profits.

Maximizing Profits With Binary Social Trading

Binary options social trading, also known as “copy trading” or “mirror trading” in FX, is an innovative trend in the online financial trading niche. Some of the binary brokers will allow you to copy another traders trades and others will also make it possible for you to interact with them and chat while trading, just like social media. Omega options social trading with binary options is fun and one of the best ways for beginners to get into binary trading with a higher success rate.

Social trading networks have been around for a long time in the FX trading industry but it is pretty much a new thing in the binary trading arena. There are now entire communities and forums dedicated to social binary options trading and Omega Options is leading the way by giving their clients a way to copy trades from successful binary traders online.